Our Products

Prime ERP

Prime ERP is an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that standardizes, streamlines and integrates business processes across sales, customer relationship management, finance, human resources, procurement, distribution and other departments.
It has the below modules:
- CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
- HRM (Human Resource Management)
- Projects Management
- Procurement & Contracts Management
- Finance
- Assets & Inventory
- Communication
- Reporting & Analytics

HRM Prime

HRM Prime is a software that helps HR Consultancy firms in managing applicants, clients, employees and is also integrated with a Documents Management System for the management of applicants and employees documents.
It has the below modules:
- Applicants Management Module
- HRM Module
- CRM Module
- Documents Management Module
- Leave Applications Management Module
- Communication Module

PM Prime (for Property Management)

PM prime is a software that automates the rent collection & property management processes.
It has the below modules:
- Properties Module
- Landlords Module
- Tenants Module
- Rent Collection Module
- Finance Module
- MPESA Billing & Receipting Module
- Communication Module

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We aim to help spur your business growth across the globe through Business Intelligence Softwares that are tailor made to suit your particular business needs and dynamics.

Quality Guarantee

We are very thorough with our design, development and production processes which ensures that our solutions are of the highest quality in the market.

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Our major strength lies in our strong & competent authoritative team of professionals with valuable knowledge, expertise and skills deployed in the provision of Software Development & IT Consultancy.

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Our clients choose us because we have developed a culture of delivering projects within the required timelines and are also flexible to work with their timelines.