Past Works

1. ERP System Development & Implementation

- Our team has developed a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System that has fully integrated CRM, HRM, Procurement, Finance, Assets, Inventory, Communication & Inventory Features.

2. Automation of Credit Services for MFIs (Micro-Finance Institutions)

- We fully automated the business processes for a lending institution and developed a digital platform to handle customer loan applications, verifications, approvals, disbursements and approvals. This was developed with the help of financial engineering professionals in liaison with our team of software engineers.

3. ITES Product Development for Tours & Travels Industry

ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services). - Our client in the tours and travels industry approached us with an idea that would revolutionize the tour industry ecosystem, we formulated the product and our team delivered a top-of-the-range digital platform with all the specified features.

4. Development & Implementation of an SMS Based Customer Loyalty Points Management System

- Our client in the manufacturing industry needed a way to automate their loyalty program which was at the time chaotic as it managed manually. We analysed their target users and developed an SMS based loyalty management program where users access the service by simply sending an SMS. We also developed an admin dashboard available as a web application for the purposes of tracking, analyses and reporting.

5. Automation of HR Services for HR Consultancy Firms

- Dealing with piles and piles of paperwork can be cumbersome and tiring, this was what one of our HR Consultancy clients was dealing with before we stepped in and automated all their HR business processes. We offered a digital platform for applicants to apply online for various job positions and implemented algorithms to filter through successful candidates as per given parameters that are defined for every job position and automatically assign them to their areas of work.

6. MPESA Enabled Rent Collection & Property Management Digital Platform

- Our team digitized the rent collection and property management process for landlords and property managers. Our solution is integrated with an MPESA billing & receipting system which ensures that tenants receive their rent balances and payment confirmation automatically upon paying via MPESA.

7. ITES Product Development for Events Industry

- We have developed an events ticketing digital platform which makes it easy and efficient to sell & verify event tickets as well as manage events.

8. ITES Product Development for Cleaning Industry

- Our client who offers professional cleaning industry had a great idea that would revolutionize the professional cleaning ecosystem of services. We walked them through the definition of the digital product all the way to development & deployment.

9. Automation of Online Order Processing & Dynamic Pricing

- Our team developed a digital platform for processing online orders while integrating with a Dynamic Pricing Algorithm and Formulae to determine pricing for services as per customer selection.