Who we are

Silver Palace Limited is a Software Development firm with the focus of building cutting edge, dynamic and innovative technology solutions for SME’s, corporates, NGO’s and governments in Africa and beyond. Our aim is to help spur business growth in Africa through Business Intelligence Softwares that are tailor made to suit a particular business needs and dynamics.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred leading Business Intelligence Software provider in Africa.

Our Mission

To help spur business growth in Africa through the provision of tailor made Business Intelligence Software.


`Reach Beyond': We help your business Reach Beyond its potential.

Message from the CEO

The Technology Advantage

Organizations the world over are turning to technology as a solution to enable them streamline their processes and operations thus ensuring delivery of key results & performance targets. Key to these efforts is the integration of robust, real-time & seamless reporting capabilities which enhance the quality and speed of the decision making process that impacts the organization and its operations.

To achieve maximum impact and optimal results for its processes, every organization requires a robust, integrated, organization-wide Management Information System (MIS) that captures its unique processes throughout all its branches and departments. This ensures a smooth digital transformation & transition process that will result in a boost to the overall performance of the organization and its people.

We understand that every organization is unique in its operations, therefore, we offer customization on the software to suit your organization’s uniquely specific needs. Our team will conduct an organization-wide Digitization Needs Assessment to determine and recommend the best optimal solution for your organization.

We appreciate the opportunity to offer cutting edge technology solutions for your organization’s efficiency & growth.

At Silver Palace Limited, we help you Reach Beyond.