Corporate SMS

Corporate SMS helps you send SMS bearing your institution’s name stamped as the sender name in place of a regular phone no. e.g., if the institution’s name is SILVAPALACE, messages sent via Corporate SMS appear to be originating from SILVAPALACE(sender) instead of a phone number e.g., 0700 XXXYYY

Our Coverage

We enable you to send SMS to networks in East Africa and beyond. We help you go beyond local

Delivery Reports

We give you a delivery report for every message you send,
hence it's easy for to track message statuses

Speeds & Efficiency

Send hundreds of thousands of messages at a go locally, in East Africa and across Africa.

Contact Groups

Create as many contact groups to suit your communication needs

Send to Individual

Have the power to send messages to selected contacts from a contact group(s) as may suit your needs

Network Coverage

Send messages to all networks for a standard cost that cuts across the board

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